Fika för flyktingarna

Nedan inlägg på engelska är skrivet av Johan Damgaard, vd, Johan & Nyström.

Ingen kan göra allt men alla kan göra något


Barista Aid is a free ware initiative from partly Johan & Nyström together with the Barista Community all over the world to make a difference and spread some light on injustices on our planet and the people living on it. Our first mission 2015 will be to support the refugees. Increasing numbers of people are fleeing their countries on the road to Europe. So far this year, 300 000 refugees arrived over the Mediterranean, compared with 219 000 throughout 2014. Many drown on the way. The EU has failed to find a common strategy and some countries have completely stopped applying the Schengen Agreement, the Dublin Regulation asylum seekers. In the long run threatened the cohesion of the EU.

October 1st, on the international coffee day,  we will support the refugee crisis in Europe and donate all served coffee and our time and services. At Swedenborgsgatan 7, Hantverksgatan 7 in Stockholm and Kanavarantaa 7 in Helsinki. Our customers are free to pay what ever they want for our coffee. All income and noise from this day will go directly to support the refugees in the Mediterranean. We challenge our industry to join us this day and in our cause. A small effort is better than no effort at all. Feel free to use our common free ware symbol as long as you use our hashtag and send 100% of your revenue to UNHCR under the rules of Karma.


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