60 sekunder: Julián Ángel – Historias del Ciervo

Hem 60 Seconds 60 sekunder: Julián Ángel – Historias del Ciervo

Som jag skrivit om tidigare så rekommenderar jag dig att även följa mig på Instagram då jag har som ambition att publicera olika saker på de båda plattformarna. I serien ”60 sekunder” ställer jag några lättsamma frågor till internationella mat- och bakbloggare och ibland blir texten för lång på Instagram då de har begränsat antal tecken man kan skriva, vilket gör att jag väljer att publicera texten i sin helhet även här på bloggen. Julián Ángel driver den framgångsrika bloggen Historias del Ciervo som tidigare bla nominerats i den prestigefulla bloggtävlingen som Saveur arrangerar varje år.

What kind of pastry and cakes do you like to bake.
I love baking Classic vanilla cake, my lifetime favorite cake. I love to use tropical fruits that I can get easily in my country, as they have fresh and delicious flavor.

How much time do you spend with preparations, baking, styling, photography and editing.
I usually cook at night. I bake the cakes, cook the fillings and make the buttercream (if necessary) It can take about 3 hours. The they after I can spend almost all day shooting and styling as I decorate the cakes and record the videos. It can take from 8am to 5am. After that I can spend about 6 – 7 hours more choosing the best shoots and editing the photos. At the end it is a 3 days job.

You use a lot of flowers. Which flowers are your favorites.
I love David Austin and Garden roses. I am enchanted with their colors and shapes. They are very hard to find but once you have the, every photo will look divine.

Where do you find inspiration for styling.
In colours. My mind is always thinking about colours. So sometimes I see a color in a fruit, or clothes or the color of the sky that make me feel really inspirated. I also spend a lot of time looking for new trends online, reading blogs and finding out new instagram accounts.

What is important to keep in mind when photographing pastries and cakes.
Detail. This is a personal opinion, but savory food can be more wild and messy and it will look good and delicious. But cakes aways have to look ”perfect”, the buttercream and fillings must have a certain consistency so they can hold the cake one whole day of shooting. Decoration must be faultless, every flower and every garnish must be on the right place.

What are your favourite lenses? Favourite editing tools for foodstyling.
I love shooting with my 50mm 1.8 as it gives a very romantic and nostalgic look to the photos. Recently I got 24-70 2.8 and it is amazing too. About editing I always shoot RAW and edit in Lightroom.

What do you do with all the cakes and pastries when you’re done with them.
I could eat them all, really:) So I give away the cakes in the short time as possible to friends, neighbors and family.

Name three international food blogger you follow daily.
Lina Lomelino. Elizabeth Kirby (@local_milk) and Kayley McCabe (@thekitchenmccabe).

Thank you Julián for your participation and keep up the good work.

Julián Ángel
Historias del Ciervo


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