60 sekunder: Mónica Pinto – Pratos & Travessas

Hem 60 Seconds 60 sekunder: Mónica Pinto – Pratos & Travessas

I januari i år startade jag serien ”60 sekunder” där jag ställer några lättsamma frågor till svenska och internationella mat- och bakbloggare som jag sedan publicerar på mitt Instagramkonto. Nu har Instagram sina ramar och regler vilket innebär att de är begränsade till ett antal tecken som inte kan överskridas och ibland är gästinläggen långa vilket medför att jag får kapa dem på Insta. Så är fallet med portugisiska Mónica Pinto som driver den underbara bloggen Pratos & Travessas och här kan du läsa inlägget i sin helhet.

Om du vill läsa fler inlägg så kan du göra det på Instagram under hashtag #rb60sec #robert60seconds (internationella bloggare) #robban60 #robbansbasta60sekunder (svenska bloggare).

What year did you start blogging and why?
I started in the beginning of 2008. I cook since I was a girl, it was always a big deal in my family and at that point in my life, when my little boys were starting to be more independent, I felt the need to return to some kind of creative work since I graduated in Art and Design and painted and drew for a few years before  they were born. At that time food was the indisputable choice, I had so much to share, the beauty, the flavors, my family stories and it was something I could do with my boys around, not so time consuming as painting.

What kind of pastry/cakes do you like to bake.
I like to bake it all! Sweet and savoury, but chocolate cakes and fruit tarts are probably on the top because I really love to eat them too.

What kind of pastry/cakes are popular in Portugal?
Pastel de nata is the most famous for sure, but Portugal has a huge tradition of amazing pastries and cakes. In our convents were created some of the most exquisite sweets, rich in yolks, sugar, almonds and other delicious ingredients.

How much time do you spend with preparations, baking, styling, photography and editing?
To prepare a new post can take me up to 3 days of work, translation for English included.

Where do you find inspiration for styling.
Nature with it´s organic forms, smells and beauty is a great source of inspiration for me and the composition and mood of classic paintings. I´m a huge fan of Rembrandt and Flemish painters.

What is important to keep in mind when photographing pastries and cakes?
To find the best angle for each cake.

What are your favorite lenses? Favorite editing tools for food styling?
Currently I´m using a Canon 50 mm, f/1.4 usm for food and a 70 – 200 mm f/2.8 is usm for landscapes and nature. I use photoshop and camera raw for editing.

What do you do with all the cakes and pastries when you’re done with them?
Part is eaten and part is offered to family and friends. With the work for the blog and mainly the work for clients, there´s always a lot going on in my kitchen.

Name two international food blogger you follow daily.
These are two bloggers I follow for many years and whose work still inspires me. Aran Goyoaga – Cannelle et Vanille, for the lightness and freshness of her recipes and photos. Deb Perelman – Smitten Kitchen, for the great recipes and amusing writing.

Thank you Mónica for your participation and keep up the good work.

Mónica Pinto
Pratos & Travessas


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