60 sekunder: Zaira Zarotti – The Freaky Table

Hem 60 Seconds 60 sekunder: Zaira Zarotti – The Freaky Table

Den 17 januari kickade jag igång med serien ”60 sekunder” där jag ställer några lättsamma frågor till svenska mat- och bakbloggare som jag sedan publicerar på mitt Instagramkonto varje tisdag. Nu har jag även som ambition att publicera internationella bloggare på mitt konto men då Instagram har begräsningar på antal tecken man kan skriva så händer det ibland att jag även kommer publicerar inläggets helhet här på bloggen. Så är fallet med italienskan Zaira Zarotti som driver den underbara bloggen The Freaky Table.

On January 17, I started the series ”60 seconds” where I ask a couple of questions to Swedish food blogger that I publish on my Instagram account every Thursday. Now I also have started to do so with international bloggers.

Instagram have limitations on the number of characters you can write which means that I sometimes also will publish the full post here on my blog. Such is the case with Zaira Zarotti from Venice in Italy who runs the wonderful blog The Freaky Table.

What year did you start blogging and why?
I started just 1 year ago with my actual blog The Freaky Table. I started because at one point in my life, I thought that doing what I loved most would certainly be a winning choice for my professional achievements. All my work and effort would neither exist nor have any reason if I didn’t share my work with others, and so, starting a blog on what I do and in a very free way, seemed a good idea to me.

Your style is so artful, lively, almost painterly-like when it comes to colour and composition. How do you approach baking and its subsequent photography/styling?
I’m not a painter, as perhaps fate seemed to be suggesting me, but my approach to photography has definitely a pictorial impression. I was born and grew up in a very creative and inspiring environment. My parents are artists, painters, and this has helped me to easily get in touch with many different situations related to the artistic world that has certainly influenced my creative development.

One could imagine that I begin my work starting from a recipe but actually I begin by taking pictures of something that inspires me and where I can see it’s worth investigating its aesthetic. Cooking and baking for me are just an excuse to create beautiful still lifes.

Where do you find inspiration for styling.
Mostly in my parents atelier. Their studios are two charming spaces, as a kind of alchemist workshops in which I can find vials and ampoules, and a lot of vintage objects that inspire me so much.

What is important to keep in mind when photographing food and cakes?
The light as first thing; with the correct light you can also turn a ugly thing in something truly beautiful.

What are your favourite lenses? Favourite editing tools for food styling?
In general I really like Canon lenses, my favorite is 50 mm  f/1.4 lens. My favorite editing tools are Camera Raw and Photoshop.

You also make your own ceramics, how did that start?
When I was studying at the Liceo artistico in Venice, I did a sculpture course for a couple of years. I used clay very often and I didn’t like it. I thought that this artistic discipline was too physical, dirty and tiresome and I’d never imagined to find it on my way. At a certain point in his versatile artistic career, my father decided to apply himself to sculpture and so I started to trip over some blocks of clay in his studio.

At the same time I was going crazy to find some particular crockery for my sets. I was always looking for the more faulty ones, those that had a story to tell and that would be unique in their own way, a bit freaky as I like to say. So I simply started to learn how to make my own props!

Name three international food blogger you follow daily.
Valentina from Hortus Cuisine and Ingrid Hofstra because they are two of my dearest friends, Beth Kirby from Local Milk because she’s the best!

Thank you Zaira for your participation and keep up the good work.

Zaira Zarotti
The Freaky Table


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